Absolute Convenience
Requesting our concierge service as as quick as a tap of your phone.
Artisanal Craftsmanship 
Our staff is specially trained to clean even the most sensitive fabrics and materials.
Safe for Environment
We use exclusively citrus based soaps and solvents.
Expert Stain Removal
Whatever you do, don't do anything. Leave the stain on your favorite shirt for the pros.


- Dry Cleaning
- Hand Laundering
- Leather, Fur, Suede
- Stain Removal
- Wedding Dress Preservation

Royal Couture Cleaners

We've been the premier, luxury dry cleaners of the Greater Los Angeles Area for more than 70 years. We boast an impressive variety of clientele - ranging from esteemed private residents, to luxury garment retailers, to red carpet events. 

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