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Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the preferred method for effectively cleaning and preserving clothes. Taking clothes to professional dry cleaning services is a great way to ensure that the clothes remain free of any dirt and grime as well as to preserve their important attributes such as color, shape, and fit. The method of dry cleaning involves […]

Dry Cleaning Process Using Liquid CO2

If you are the type of person who drops off your dirty clothes at a dry cleaning service every now and then, then you might have noticed a faint chemical smell emanating from the dry cleaned clothes. However, most people fail to realize the fact that this is something they should take seriously. The chemical […]

Winter Clothing Care Tips from Dry Cleaners

  Winter is a profitable time for many dry cleaners as it is usually the time of the year where people bring their jackets, sweaters, parkas, and other wears for dry cleaning. In fact, most winter wears are not meant to be washed at home as usual clothing items. Dropping them off to a professional […]

Can Dry Cleaning Help your Clothes Last Longer

Many of us look at dry cleaning as a very simple thing and believe that the process is only meant for delicate clothes. However, do you know that dry cleaning can make your clothes last longer? Below are some tips and understanding of the things that happen when you send your clothes to the dry cleaner. […]

Why Dry Cleaning is Preferred for Linens

Linen is a delicate and natural textile material attained from the fibers of the flax plant. It is a highly breathable form of fabric that has been extensively used by athletes and in many home goods. Besides its numerous uses in furnishings, linen has also found applications in clothing. Linens offer good comfort and style […]

Common Laundry Issues and Their Solutions

We all know that at times, clothes just do not turn out right, and you can encounter many problems while doing laundry. Some of the common laundry problems and their solutions are explained below: Clothes Come Out Gray This usually happens due to insufficient detergent use. You may have to increase the quantity of detergent […]

Basic Wash Care Label Symbols and Their Meanings

All of us may have experienced it at least once – pulling out a favorite piece of clothing from the dry cleaner or laundry machine only to find the clothes in saggy, shrunken, and discolored condition. At this point, you might wish you had paid attention to the symbols on the wash care label of […]

Cleaning Agents Used by Dry Cleaners

Some of our favorite and expensive clothes need extra care and attention, which is the reason why we pass them off to an experienced dry cleaning service like Royal Couture Cleaners. Professional dry cleaners pay extra attention to our clothes and clean them without the risk of any damages. Dry cleaning is the method of […]

5 Things to Do before you Drop off your Clothes for Dry Cleaning

Expert dry cleaning is sometimes the only way to take good care of certain clothing items such as wedding dress and tuxedos. This means that dry cleaning is a service that most of us will have to use at some point in our lives. High end dry cleaners make sure that all your clothes are […]