Dry Cleaning Methods

What Cleaning Method is Used?

1shutterstock_100643776_copyThere is no single cleaning technology that can handle the wide spectrum of components present in today’s fashions. While the overwhelming majority of dry cleaners have a single cleaning system at their disposal, we have California’s largest NON TOXIC facility, we employ different cleaning Non Toxic chemistry and methodologies to offer a service that can properly process virtually anything a designer’s mind can conjure up! In short, if the laws of chemistry and physics allow for the proper care of a given item, Royal Couture Cleaners will have the appropriate equipment and expertise with which to handle it.

No other cleaner in the United States has as comprehensive a selection of cleaning technologies, as well as the expertise to take care of any cleaning challenge that arises. Similarly, personal preferences vary greatly. At Royal Couture Cleaners we have the systems in place to ensure that special processing and/or packaging instructions are carefully observed. For instance, a client who prefers their wool slacks to be folded over a hanger, their cotton slacks hung from the waist, and their linen slacks hung from the cuffs, can be readily accommodated. This is just one of many examples of how we make every effort to tailor our service to “fit” the needs of the individual client.