Dry Cleaning Process Using Liquid CO2

If you are the type of person who drops off your dirty clothes at a dry cleaning service every now and then, then you might have noticed a faint chemical smell emanating from the dry cleaned clothes. However, most people fail to realize the fact that this is something they should take seriously. The chemical smell originates from your freshly cleaned clothes because of the use of toxic chemicals by dry cleaners.

A recent study revealed a shocking conclusion that approximately 35,000 dry cleaners in the country use perchloroethylene (perc) during dry cleaning. Perc is a volatile organic compound that can give you nausea, skin irritation, dizziness, and headaches even with insignificant contact. These harmful effects of the toxic chemicals have urged professional dry cleaners to switch to non-toxic cleaning processes such as liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) cleaning.

What is Liquid CO2 Cleaning?

In the liquid CO2 cleaning process, liquid carbon dioxide and other non-toxic cleaning materials replace perc. Dry cleaners pressurize and then liquefy CO2 gas to make it a powerful solvent for cleaning the clothing items. After the dry cleaning process, the CO2 gas is safely stored in a storage tank for reuse. Even though the liquid CO2 cleaning process requires expensive and special machines, it effectively eliminates the regulatory issues and disposal procedures of perc.

The EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) program has recognized the liquid CO2 cleaning process as one of the most efficient environmentally preferable technology that is capable of cleaning garments. Almost all DfE-recognized products are safer for the planet and people and these products have removed over 357 million pounds of non-toxic chemicals.


Liquid CO2 cleaning process makes your clothes or garments cleaner than any other type of dry cleaning method. There will be no shrinking, fading, stain setting, or pilling of clothes when it comes to liquid CO2 cleaning. In addition to that, there will also be no dry cleaning residue or smell on the freshly cleaned clothes.

Studies conducted by experts reveal that clothes that were dry cleaned using liquid CO2 cleaning process tend to last 20 to 40 percent longer when compared to traditionally dry cleaned clothes. The fabrics of your clothes will also maintain their shape, finish, and color for a very long time when you switch to the liquid CO2 cleaning process. Royal Couture Cleaners has been using eco-friendly CO₂ Dry Cleaning System for over 15 years to ensure quality and safety for our clients.


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