Winter Clothing Care Tips from Dry Cleaners


Winter is a profitable time for many dry cleaners as it is usually the time of the year where people bring their jackets, sweaters, parkas, and other wears for dry cleaning. In fact, most winter wears are not meant to be washed at home as usual clothing items. Dropping them off to a professional dry cleaning service is the best way to avoid any damages to your winter clothes. Below are some textile and clothing care tips, which will help you to maintain your clothes during winter time:

Cleaning Tips

  • If you choose to wash your winter clothes on your own, make sure that you do not hold up cashmere sweaters by its shoulders. If you do, the clothing will stretch out, so make sure that you pick up cashmere clothing as a lump.
  • Make sure that your cashmere clothing is properly cleaned before storing. If you do not dry clean the clothing before storing, insects and moths will be attracted to the smells of perfume, deodorant, food, and smoke, which such clothing items suck up.
  • Woolen coats should be dry cleaned at least at the beginning and end of winter season. After dry cleaning woolen coats, it is important to treat it with a suede or lint brush after each use. This will remove the surface dirt and soil.
  • You can use blotting (make sure that you do not rub) to remove light stains from delicate fabrics.
  • Do not wash and dry down coats as it will damage the fabric and can affect its durability. The high heat from the dryers will cause wear and tear to down filled fabrics.

Storing Tips

  • After getting your cashmere clothing dry cleaned, make sure that you remove the clothing from the dry cleaners bag and store it in a cedar-scented bag. This will ensure long life for the cashmere winter wear.
  • Make sure that you do not crowd woolen clothing in the closet while storing them, as these clothing needs breathing space. Having sufficient breathing space will ensure that the materials stay crisp throughout the storage.
  • To store velvet clothing, gently stuff them with tissue paper and lay them flat inside fabric boxes. Do not fold velvet clothing because folding can lead to unnecessary lines on the fabric, and that can be hard to remove.



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