Common Issues with At-Home Dry Cleaning

Savvy shoppers will always be on the lookout for easy ways to save money and at-home dry cleaning kits are one such product that claims to help you save money on dry cleaning. Many commercially available at-home dry cleaning kits promise to save on cleaning costs and time for the expensive and delicate “dry clean only” garments. This can be enticing to many, but unfortunately, these kits are not the perfect solution as claimed by the manufacturers.

At-Home Dry Cleaning Kits

Even though many varieties of at-home dry cleaning kits are available in the market, most of them work almost the same way. A typical at-home dry cleaning kit contains a reusable bag, bottles of stain removal solution, and cloth dryer sheets. Users will need to apply the solution to the problem spots on the clothing and seal the clothing in the bag provided with the kit. The bag with the cloth should then be placed in the home dryer for cleaning.

Manufacturers of these home dry cleaning kits claim that the cleaning solution applied to the clothing will dissolve away the dirt and stains without the need to visit any dry cleaners near by. However, many users have reported that the results are not always great, as promised.

The Dangers of At-Home Dry Cleaning

High-end dry cleaners work with different varieties of fabric every day and they understand the difference between clothing material like velvet, taffeta, and wool. However, the solvent solution in at-home dry cleaning kits does not know this difference and can be harmful to your expensive “dry clean only” clothes.

In a worst-case scenario, the solution may even lead to breakage of fibers and other irrecoverable damages. In addition, water-sensitive fabrics that are “dry clean only” can shrink when the cleaning solution is applied to them.

Note that many of the commercially available at-home dry cleaning kits are not effective in removing dirt and grime and fail at some of the real stubborn stains like grease and ink. In the opinion of professional dry cleaners, at-home dry cleaning kits can help only to remove odors and water-based stains and is not capable of removing oil stains and other difficult to remove stains.

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