Drape Materials that Strictly Require Dry Cleaning

Drapes are one of the most important components of a home that provide aesthetic appeal and privacy to the interiors. As drapes remain on the curtain rails for long periods of time, they are prone to accumulation of dust as well as other substances such as grease and grime. This is why cleaning the drapes periodically is very much essential to keep them fresh and long lasting.

Dry cleaning is the best way to effectively clean the drapes of all dirt and stains. As dry cleaning is a water-free process that uses specialized cleaning agents, it will dissolve any of the stains and dirt accumulated on the surface of the drapes easily. Dry cleaning is a gentler method of cleaning that uses no force for removing the dirt, thereby making it ideal for cleaning drapes. Besides, dry cleaning does not cause any damage to the delicate fabric of the drapes and never leads to color bleeding.

Apart from that, dry cleaning does not cause the shrinkage of the drape fabric in any way, as it uses less force and heat, unlike traditional washing methods. However, as the fabric materials used in drapes vary, it is necessary to identify them and determine whether they are eligible for dry cleaning and not traditional washing. Below are some of the drapes materials that strictly require dry cleaning and not a standard wash.

Wool Material

Wool is a commonly used drape material in many homes. It is a natural fiber and hence is increasingly prone to various damages such as shrinkage and wear on the surface due to the excessive agitation and heat involved in traditional washing. Dry cleaning is preferred for woolen drapes, as it will effectively remove any of the dirt or stains without causing any damage or shrinkage to the fabric.

Silk Material

Drapes made from silk must never by cleaned using traditional methods. Instead, rely on professional dry cleaners for cleaning silk since it is a highly gentle material. Remember that the use of water to clean silk can cause the appearance of stain thereby leading to blemishes on the surface. Moreover, as silk is a natural fiber, there are high chances that it can shrink when washed using a standard method.

Velvet Material

Velvet drapes are usually labeled “dry clean only” and rightly so, because of their softer surface that can get damaged when subjected to agitation in a washing machine. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, will thoroughly remove all the stains from the fabric while leaving the material intact and providing a fresh appearance.


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