Tips to Clean your Comforter

One of the biggest mistakes that many of us make while washing comforters is stuffing them in small washer and dryer. This will not only damage the comforter, but also the machine. Edges of the comforter can catch and rip in the spin cycle when you tuck in the washable comforter in a small dryer. It can even scorch when it presses up against the interior surfaces of the dryer. That is why you need to wash them with proper care. The tips by Royal Couture’s fluff and fold dry cleaners shared below will help you to clean your washable comforters without damaging them.

Read the Instructions

It is very important for you to read the instructions on the tag of the washable comforter. This will help you to understand the material from which the comforter is made of. If there are specific instructions about the temperature and hand wash, you will need to strictly follow them; else, you can damage the comforter.

  • If the comforter you are planning to wash is a goose down comforter and the instructions on the tag calls for machine wash, it will be better to take it to the launderette. This will allow you to wash the comforter in a large machine and will ensure an effective wash. Make sure to use cool water and gentle settings for the spinner.
  • Make certain that you are using a gentle detergent that is safe for your comforter. Never use detergents that has bleach content, as bleach can be damaging to the filling and outer fabric of the comforter.
  • If the instructions on your goose down comforters say that it can be dried in a clothes dryer, you will have to choose a dryer of larger capacity and use the low heat settings.
  • If the instructions call for hand wash, you can use a clean bathtub or a large launderette sink to wash the comforter. Before hanging the comforter to dry, carefully drape it out so that all of its sides are equally dry. It is also good to dry the comforter on a rope line, as it will decrease the chances of the comforter fabric to rebound.
  • Once the comforter is dry, you can use an iron to steam and smooth out the wrinkles. However, before ironing, you will need to ensure that the comforter is not sensitive to heat.
  • In order to avoid washing the comforter often, you can put an extra sheet while sleeping. This can help you keep the comforter clean for a long time, thereby increasing the time between washes.

These are the simple tips to clean your washable comforter. If the comforter is not washable or labeled “dry clean only”, you need to take it to fluff and fold dry cleaners to get the comforter cleaned.


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